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Keegan (Guest)

Help me. . .

Post by Keegan (Guest) »

I decided if I was going to start coming here regularly again, I may as well log on with my regular account. That's when I realized I no longer remembered my password, so I clicked the "I forgot my password" thingy, typed in my e-mail address, and got a message that that e-mail address was incorrect. I then tried my old e-mail, and found out that was what I had used for that account. Problem is, it being an old hotmail address, it no longer exists. Can Sir Toby or JH change the address to a more current one for me? Or am I locked out for good, and have to create a new account??
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Sir Toby
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Post by Sir Toby »

I can change your address. Please send me your current email address and I will make the change.
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Post by Keegan »

Ah, thats much better. Much thanks. :)
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