The Shadow War

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The Shadow War

Post by Anableps » Fri May 02, 2003 5:01 am

In 24707, Y writes about Summer and Wil, who seem to be counter-weights to the Little Girl. Are there episodes with a further background on them, or is this the only mention of them?

I think that leaving the Little Girl unnamed adds to the sense of menace that she conveys in the story.


Summer & Willow

Post by Y » Sat May 03, 2003 4:33 pm

There are no prior episodes with these two characters as far as I know. My own drive behind these two is a warrior with a mystical destiny (her destiny is mystical but she has no magical powers only supernatural strength and good tactical skills) and her faithful sidekick sorceress.

Although I did not write them in as a counterweight to the Little Girl - I envision them as a counterweight to Astra actually - they certainly wouldn't be on the same side as the Little Girl... or would they? :twisted:

As to the Little Girl, I agree... her nameless quality adds menace, foreboding and mystery.

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