Pick one from column A, one from column B

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Pick one from column A, one from column B

Post by Won-Tolla » Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:04 am

Now this fellow who goes by "Catprog" runs a small story building site, and he has been running some contests to try to increase the activity on it. This month there seems to be two in effect - one started in the middle of last month and the other at the beginning of this.
I 4 1 have found the 'page of the day' thing inspiring and written a lot this month. Now I and another active writer have been told we can't enter all our chapters in the contest(s), we have to choose two each.
The problem is I like them all, I can't choose. So in an attempt to kill three birds with one stone (solve the problem, and spark some interest for the site and my writings) I thought I'd ask you weirdos for help. Read my chapters (preferably including the parts leading up to them) and let me know which ones you like best. There is a list of links here , and check the update page for the latest.
(Before you dive in, be advised that this is a transformation story site, and there are some pretty weird things happening to the protagonist. Even in my chapters. Specially in my chapters! :D )

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