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Rah! Rah! Raffe!

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:20 am
by Won-Tolla
Ola Helland from Stavanger is a guy with ambitions. Well, one ambition. To quote from his site
My friend, Jørgen, doesn't believe I can collect one million hand drawn giraffes by 2011. I'm gonna prove him wrong, but I need your help. You can create your giraffe(s) in any way you like, but not on a computer and no store bought objects. You must create your giraffe(s) yourself! So far I've got 47.503 giraffes, so I need 952.497 more! And I have 507 days left to get them.
Let's show Jørgen how amazing the internet is.
He's on Facebook and Twitter and various other networks too. Check it out, and draw a giraffe today!
Oh, and pass it on!