Repealed Rules:

The ruleset may be changed only if all players agree on that same proposed change, unless the ruleset is changed by application of one or more parts (rules) of the ruleset itself.
Initial Rule.
Repealed by marsh.5 (The Governor), on 8 June 2000.

proposals.removal (Steadiness: 1)
Whenever a proposal is voted AGAINST or ABSTAIN it is considered a failed proposal and no longer a pending proposal. Players do not need to vote on failed proposals.  Failed proposals should be removed from the "current proposals" (or equivalent) page on the gnomic website (provided the site mantainer has the time and will to do so).
Proposed by zagarna.2 (Zagarna II), Adopted 8 June 2000.
Repealed by zagarna.5 (Zagarna II), on 27 June 2000.