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Today marks the first major update of the Extend-A-Story software since its creation. Today is also the first time I've added a "What's New" entry since early 2000.

Extend-A-Story has been completely re-written from the ground up using totally different technologies from the original version. I call this version, Version 2. While the initial release of Version 2 is primarily intended to keep all of the Version 1 functionality while moving to new technology, there are some key improvements:

First off, the total number of supported episodes is now 4294967295. Version one topped out at a mere 32767 episodes. The interface for creating episodes has been completely re-done. Just one page handles creation of new episodes, extending existing episodes, and editing episodes. Previously, there were 11 seperate pages encompasing those functions. The creation interface also has a brand new Preview feature allowing authors to see how their episode will look before saving, and giving them the ability to change the episode several times before saving.

Stay tuned in the months ahead, as there will continue to be improvements to Version 2.

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