Researching Rolf Shutts Odegaard

The Black Void - Episode 6697

I just assume that "Rolf Shutts Odegaard" is yet another anagram of Hofstadter's name, as I can't be bothered to check. I decide to look him up. "Do you mind if I use your computer?" I ask.

"Be my guest," James says, waving at a desk in the corner of the room.

I sit down in front of the computer. A browser window is already open. At the top of the window is a bar for the Googleplex search engine. I type "Rolf Shutts Odegaard" into it.

A single hit comes up, for an article about him on Kiwipedia. (I wonder if the site was created by a New Zealander.) Reading the article, I discover that:

  1. He was indeed a satanist.
  2. He was a natasist, whatever that might be. Helpfully, the word is kiwilinked (as I guess the term would be), so I click on it.
  3. He was actually a mathematician. Perhaps I had been thinking of someone else. But maybe not, as when I read further I discover that he was the developer of a branch of mathematice which he called "black mathematics".

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JH (Who realised that somewhere along the way he went from writing "Goedel, Escher, Bach" to "Godel, Escher, Bach", affecting subsequent anagrams. We could either ignore that or make it a plot feature.)

4/5/2011 2:26:15 AM

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