Friends for, um, the duration?

The Black Void - Episode 3747

"No," you say as you kneel beside the pony and put a hand on her mane. "We are not running. You know why?"

"Because you're suicidal?" Gory Death suggests. "Or are you just plain stupid?"

"No," you say confidently. "Because we are friends. And when friends stand together, no evil can touch them."

The pony nods. "Yes, I have seen that show too. But much as I appreciate the sentiment, do you really think we are that good friends yet? After all we just met ten minutes ago!"

  1. "You were not supposed to tell them that! You are useless!" You blast the pony with your Uzi, making her live up to her name at last.
  2. "Aw gee, I forgot about that. Do you think we can fake it?"
  3. "That's what you think! I just remembered you were my childhood companion!"
  4. "But True Love conquers all. Quick, kiss me!"
  5. "What do you mean, evil?" the trombone interrupts. "We are just guarding this place."
  6. An author intervenes.
  7. You're not going to believe this...

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