Pure As The Driven Snow

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9955

"So what do we do now?" asked Fred. "I think we should kill the dragon first," said Astra. "After all, that's what both you and I originally came here to do. We can worry about the second ingredient once we have the first." Zara looked frightened. "That sounds awfully dangerous," she said. "Can't we leave the caves and find the - er - other ingredient first. Then I could remain outside and wait, whilst you go back in, kill the dragon, and bring out some of his blood."

  1. They decided to take on the dragon first.
  2. They decided to follow Zara's suggestion.
  3. Jarlath came up with a third option.
  4. The question soon becomes irrelevant, because...

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JH (who thought Jarlath was the one who made the coin vanish)

6/10/2000 12:59:42 PM

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