The Yellow Mist

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9948

As Lord Fred began to read the scroll, he realized that something magical was happening. A yellow mist was filling the air, blocking everything but the scroll from view. Strange, he was beginning to feel light-headed. Lilacs? Was he smelling lilacs? He knew the scroll must have something to do with this.

He started to read again. It said something about a princess and a cook.

A princess and a cook? That's strange. No, it must say something else, but his eyes were too fuzzy and glazed to see. Wait! A book. It says a book! As more time passed, he felt more and more faint. It was clouding his judgement.

The mist! The mist must be affecting him! Lord Fred decides to

  1. drop the scroll and run from the mist.
  2. finish reading the scroll, even though he might pass out.
  3. tear up the scroll.

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6/28/2000 1:42:17 AM

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