Inside the Tower

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9945

The massive wooden door swung smoothly and silently open. Behind it was an empty room. The door must have been opened by magic. They looked at one another for a moment, then stepped inside. The door closed itself as smoothly as it had opened. There was no handle on the inside either. Fred tried pushing the door, but as he had expected it was immovable.

They were in a large circular room, which seemed to occupy the whole of the ground floor of the tower. Its only feature was a spiral iron staircase in the very centre. The room was totally unfurnished, and little warmer than outside. "It looks like we are expected to climb the staircase," Exotica said.

Seeing no alternative, they began to climb. Since Velus would have struggled with the stairs, Exotica picked him up and carried him, hugging him to her. Velus didn't mind that at all, even though her skin was very cold.

The initial room had had a very high ceiling, and they had to climb thirty feet before the staircase took them into the next room...

  1. where they found...

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