Oh Shift

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 98968

Who am I, and how did I get here?

I remember standing before the two entrances of the Dragon's caves, a lifetime away. I looked at the map, which only showed one entrance. Then I took the left branch

Then I took the right branch

Then Velus led me to where Astra was chained to the wall

Then Belboz summoned Checkers to aid me

Then I died

Then I was stranded on a deserted island

Then I wandered the Calamari Desert and came across the tower of Vincent

Then I died again

Then I was transformed into a demifox

Then I sold my soul to the Devil

Then I died again

Then I married Astra

Then I ate a cheese sandwich

Then I turned into a woman

Then I

"Feeling confused, I'll bet," says a voice from beside me. I open my eyes and see a woman standing above me, wearing a pilot's helmet. She has a warm smile on her face. "Hi!" she says. "I'm Jenny. Don't worry, this is gonna make sense in a bit. See, you're turning into a Shifter."

"...a what?"

"You're picking up memories from all the possible different versions of your life. That's why your timestream's so messed up and confusing right now, but it'll settle down in a bit. Soon you'll be able to jump between different universes at will. Like me! Oh, here's my card."

She hands me a business card which with a rocketship emblazoned on it. It says:

Jenny Everywhere: Freelance Adventurer, Cause and Solution of Trouble. Righting Wrongs a Specialty.

Below it there's a paragraph in small type that reads:

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

I don't know what any of this means, so I push it aside. "How... why is this happening?"

"You made a deal with some kind of cosmic power, I think, so you could save the cosmos from being eaten by the Shoggoths." I can remember now. I remember facing Astra, seeing her courage and her nobility and turning against the Shoggoths to save her, fighting alongside her as reality crumbled

I remember turning against her, and going on a rampage of slaughter. The memory makes me feel ill.

"Yeah," said Jenny. "Not all those memories are good. But you'll get used to it--I hope."

Where am I? I look around me and try to take it all in, pushing aside all my new and old memories.

  1. I am in the dead city in the Dragon's Caves. [72652]
  2. I am in New York. [72648]
  3. I am on the moon.
  4. I am in the Staircase Room.
  5. I am in Caemlyn, where my Shoggoth self is on a bloody rampage. [61491]

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