Buh- bye doggie, hello James Bond, and welcome to the 21st century!!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9884

Fred watches the hydra as it climbs out of the crack in the floor. As Fred slowly walks backward, he realizes that his teenage doggie friend is drawing closer to the hydra. The hydra, with one of its heads, suddenly grabs and eats Fred's doggie friend. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Fred yells. Fred suddenly hears something being chomped on. The hydra suddenly EXPLODES!. Dog and hydra parts along with flames engulf Fred!! Fred suddenly wakes up. He realizes he isn't a dragon killer in the middle ages. He is Q, head of Q Branch at MI6. He sits up, and realizes that he would have to brief 007 on his new gadgets and car. He hopes he doesn't have a heartattack. Then he realizes something isn't right. He looks around, and realizes...

  1. He is in a jail cell
  2. He is at work butt naked
  3. He is on Survivor island
  4. He is in a Chinese interrogation room, being pumped for info on MI6.
  5. He is in a satellite circling around the earth
  6. He is on fire
  7. He has been turned into a teenage dog in the Middle Ages
  8. He is James Bond, in bed with a girl
  9. He is in the middle of World War II and his arm just got blown off

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Nick B

2/6/2001 10:44:58 AM

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