Betrayed! (Like You're Surprised...)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 972

"Zular here tells me that you were plotting to kill me!" bellowed the King, a slightly overweight man somewhere in his 50s, without preamble. "Is that true?"
Lord Fred finally wrenched himself free of the inhumanly huge guards and glared knives at the smug 18-year-old Duke standing to the left of the monarch. "He was in on the plan too--in fact, he was going to kill you himself, tonight!"
Duke Zular looked shocked, and placed a long white-gloved hand over his chest in mock injury. "Your MAJESTY, please! Do you honestly think I would do such a thing?!"
The King glared at Fred. "It's his word against yours...and he outranks you. What to do, what to do..."
The Duke smirked. "Be merciful, Sire, I beg of you. Do not have this wandering servant who was once so loyal to your august personage killed--rather, just throw him in the dungeon."
The King thoughtfully stroked his long grey-streaked brown beard. "Agreed."
"But wait!" yelled Fred. "You can't just lock me up without a--"
CLANG! the metal door shut behind Fred.
"...trial..." he muttered weakly to the walls.
Well. Of course Duke Zular would take this opportunity to betray the conspiracy--now he's the King's left-hand man, and in a position of far more power than he had before, without the risk and mess of an assassination. I should have seen it coming, muses Lord Fred miserably.
But it appears that maybe b

  1. Fred goes to the left.
  2. Fred takes the right-hand tunnel.
  3. Fred takes the tunnel that goes straight ahead.
  4. The Emperor MEANT to fix the stupid missing text, but then her (yes, it's a female Emperor, deal with it) fragging Webtv turned itself off for no reason, so now she can't. ARGH!

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