Enter a Man with a Crossbow

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9672

The person responsible for the footsteps came into view, and Astra realised that she might have miscalculated. It was a man wearing chain mail, and he had not only a sword at his belt but also a crossbow. Before she could untie the boat and escape, he would most likely put a crossbow bolt through her.

The man looked startled when he saw her. Whatever he had expected to see, it wasn't a naked amazon, her still wet skin reflecting the light of the torches. Collecting his wits, he said: "Put your hands in the air." In spite of the parlous position Astra was in, she smiled inwardly at the incongruity of his order. Where did he think that she could be concealing a weapon, that he needed to tell her to put her hands up?

Astra felt she had only two realistic options now. Untying the boat would take too long. She could dive back into the river. The man would find it hard to hit a moving target as she dived, and once in the water only her head would be visible and she would quickly be carried out of the dim illumination provided by the torches. Or she could surrender, and hope to get a chance to turn the tables later on. Both courses were very risky, of course.

  1. Astra dives back into the river.
  2. Astra puts her hands in the air as ordered, and waits as the man approaches.

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