Taken By The Torrent

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9579

Astra had not had the opportunity to learn any swear words in her parents' palace, but since she had gone adventuring she had heard plenty in the inns where she had stayed. She used one of the strongest of those words as the bridge gave way, and then a split second later she hit the water feet first.

Astra fought her way back to the surface. Though she was a strong swimmer, the current was too fierce for her to do anything other than let it take her wherever ir wanted. All she could do was to stay afloat and hope for the best. The water was icy cold, and she knew that the time that she could survive in it was limited. To make matters worse, she was now in total darkness.

  1. Then she saw a point of light downstream. It looked as though the river was taking her out of the caverns.
  2. As the cold penetrated, a numbness gradually overtook her, and as her consciousness faded she slipped below the surface.
  3. The current bumped her into something, and she grabbed at it.

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5/19/2000 1:47:36 PM

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