Astra Pushes Some Bookshelves Over

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 948

Astra was tired. Being kidnapped by the dragon, an exhasting desert crossing and now yet another magical manipulation.

"KREE-AGH!" she screamed and body-checked the nearest bookshelf. There was a stattaco burst of cracks, then the shelf fell away from her. It thumped into the next. More cracks, another thump, cracks, it all blurred together into a mighty roar as dozens of bookshelves went slamming earthwards.

Finally, it stopped. Astra surveyed her handiwork. Over the debris she could see two ways out of this library. To the right there was a small corridor set in stone. Straight ahead was a curtain of beads in front of the way outside.

  1. Go deeper into the building.
  2. Go outside.

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8/3/2000 5:54:09 PM

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