Getting Ridiculous

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 94711

"Yes, I've just had an idea," said Astra. "Instead of using your sword to try to cut through the chains, use your dagger on the rock wall. You should be able to chip enough of that away around the ends of the chains that they come free."

"Sounds like a plan," said Fred, but as he was about to try this, the cave went pitch dark and he heard evil laughter.

Astra suddenly remembered something. She paused, then raised her voice and said: "Minestus, please would you stop the evil laughter. It's starting to get on my nerves now."

"Oh, all right." The light returned, to reveal Minestus standing right next to Fred. Fred balked at this handsome, middle-aged man with a sardonic face. He was wearing simple robes of emerald green. "Hello, Fred."

"This seems familiar somehow," said Fred. He then shook his head and brandished his sword against the wizard. "Avaunt!" he yelled, preparing to swing his sword.

"This shit has to stop!" yelled Astra, prompting both Minestus and Fred to look at her. "Seriously, I feel like I am taking crazy pills."

"I have to slay this foul wizard!" said Fred, swinging his sword at Minestus.

  1. Minestus slaps away the blow, then turns Fred's sword into clay. "Can we talk now?" he asks, not unkindly.
  2. Fred finds himself shackled to the wall by Astra. "You will both stay here until you are willing to speak in a civil fashion!" Minestus says, irritably, then vanishes.
  3. As Fred strikes forth the cave goes pitch dark and they hear evil laughter. "Oh, come on," sighs Astra.
  4. "Wait!" said Minestus, freezing Fred's blow mid-swing. "I can explain."

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