Well, That is just Silly

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 94582

"It was me, Belboz the necromancer," came a voice from out of the darkness.

Minestus made several sputtering noises. "What?! You?! Why?"

"Seemed appropriate," came the voice.

"Well, turn the lights back on and get back to whatever you were doing," said Minestus, irritated.

"OH, fine, whatever," replied Belboz, and the lights came back on. Fred and Astra found themselves alone in the room again. For a moment they thought something was missing, but then they shook their heads and all memory of Minestus being in the room with them faded away like smoke.

"Ok, lets just get this over with," said Astra. Fred nodded. He aimed for the chain holding the Aqualarian princess's left arm to the cave wall... she carefully kept her arm clear so he could strike without hitting her. He aimed for several seconds, to the point to where it was getting on Astra's nerves. Why didn't he strike already? Was he afraid of hurting his arm again?

  1. He severed the chain with his sword.
  2. He struck the chain,which notched the sword and was not harmed by it.
  3. As he prepared to strike the cave went pitch dark and he heard evil laughter.
  4. "This is driving me crazy!" shrieked Astra. "Get on with it already, Fred!"

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