Don't Bring Harry

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 93385

Lots42 pouts when Sir Toby and JH forbid him from contributing to the Never Ending Quest while hopped up on painkillers. They so do not make him write episodes that are "too silly".

What was wrong with suggesting that Mike Cain and dozens of Josh Burbanks had ended up in the Garden of Eden anyway?

Whatever, though. Lots knew that his drug-addled lunacy was welcome at Horsehockey!

  1. Yes, it an extent.
  2. Ben is severely reprimanded for mentioning a competing addventure site in a NEQ episode.
  3. Josh and Scott drag Lots to drug rehab.
  4. Lots, higher than a kite, loses his way to Horsehockey. He somehow ends up back at SpinnWebe.

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Ben McClellan

3/25/2011 8:16:44 PM

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