Nivlac and Sebboh

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 93278

A six-year old boy ran out of the brush and straight through the group. He had spiky blond hair, and wore a dark pair of shorts and striped shirt. He would have bowled over Ycul if she had not gotten out of the way. "Hey, watch where you are going!"

The child stopped, and shouted, "Don't you dare tell me what to do! You are laboring under the burden of total depravity."

Astra jumped as she heard a calm voice. She turned around and saw a tiger. "I am sorry about this. We were playing a game of 'find the epistemological basis of sin', and all he wants to talk about is total depravity now. It is not as interesting as it sounds, but he just loves the phrase. He can be such a twerp. This is not going to end well. Let me handle this."

The tiger yelled, "Nivlac, let's call the game a draw, and play labnivlac instead."

"No fair, Sebboh. I was winning. I had the best proof of the total depravity of mankind, and I had it first!"

"You weren't listening. I can derive the same concept from axioms that are more general and universally accepted. Indeed, it should be obvious that in the primative state of nature, everyone would in arms against everyone else. There would not be any industry, trade, or culture. Life would be ...."

Nivlac interrupted, "Yeah, yeah. Nasty, brutish, and short. I have heard it a hundred times before. But if you ignore the role of divine agency in this, your thesis is full of contradictions!"

The tiger said, "Hey, Nivlac, do you want to hunt the Leviathan? I heard that it was lurking just below the surface in the burbling brook. In fact, I think I heard it splash."

"Cool! Like the Loch Ness Monster! Let's go."

  1. Astra said, "What an eccentric performance."
  2. Nasus said, "I think that we have a character containment leak somewhere. We have to seal it."

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