Concerning Astra-ology

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 92424

"There's a stream nearby," Retep said. "I'll take you there."

"I'd much prefer something stronger, but I suppose that water will have to do."

As Retep led Astra to the stream he said: "Something's just occurred to me. Your name is Astra."

"I know."

"Surely your name must be derived from the adjective 'astral', which means relating to the stars. So the clue 'It is written in the stars' must be referring to you!"

"It would seem so. Well spotted. But I don't have any writing on me, and even if I did you wouldn't be able to see it for fur."

"I think that you're being too literal. Anyway the clue says 'written in', not 'written on'."

"You are not sacrificing me and examining my entrails!"

"Of course not!"

  1. They make more progress in deciphering the clues.
  2. They don't make any more progress.
  3. On their way to the stream, they encounter someone.

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