Off to Levarap Riac

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 92392

"Yes, my brother Dnumde and my sisters Nasus and Ycul are all here in Ainran. Nasus is an archer, Ycul's a healer and Dnumde's a pain in the neck. They're hiding out in the ruins of Levarap Riac. It's only an hour or so away. I'll take you there."

"If you're Retep Eis-thingy, then shouldn't the castle be Riac Levarap rather than Levarap Riac?" Retep just looked at her blankly. "Never mind," she said after a moment.

"You're a lady, right?" Retep said, changing the subject.

"Well spotted. No, come to think of it that would be a leopard rather than a lion. Yes, I'm a woman, if a rather furry one. Not that I need the fur any more. It's warmed up amazingly since you slew Sidaj."

"No, I mean if you're female then how come you have a mane?"

"Nalsa did give me an explanation, but to be frank I didn't think that it made much sense." [72877]

"A lot of what Nalsa says doesn't seem to make much sense. Don't tell Ycul that I said that, though. She thinks that he can do no wrong. So if you've only just arrived in Ainran, perhaps you can tell me how the war's going back home?"

"War? I don't know of any war at present. Not anywhere in the vicinity of Aqualaria, anyway."

"Aqualaria? Is that where you come from? I don't know of any country called that."

"Perhaps you know it as Airalauqa?"

"No, doesn't ring any bells."

  1. They eventually manage to work out that they must have come from different worlds and/or times.
  2. "So what about these cryptic clues?" Astra says. "Well one across is..." "What? Are you telling me that Nalsa has given you a crossword to solve?!"
  3. They arrive at Levarap Riac.
  4. They encounter another of Ainran's strange inhabitants.

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