Die You Stinking Piece of Pokemon Excrescence!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 917

Sir Fred does not just whack off Sir Pikachu's head. He cuts him up into little pieces. Fred feels he has done a good day's work. Just then a man in a brown tweed blazer and grey pants and a $100 Hollywood hair cut steps out of a hidden door.

"Cut!" shouts the man

"Now Sir Fred, we can't have any of that in this story," the man explains. "Little children are watching and this is a child friendly site. Children love Pokemon. Besides what would our sponsors think. Sir Pikachu was supposed to be your friend. He is supposed to be everybody's friend."

  1. "Well Pikachu wasn't my friend," says Fred.
  2. "Shut your face or I'll give you what Pikachu got. This sword is sharp," says Fred.
  3. "Go complain to Sir Toby," says Fred.
  4. Fred slices up the guy with the $100 Hollywood hair cut.
  5. Fred points out that Pikachu is already irreprably dead.

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6/30/1999 11:29:52 AM

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