Eveil Ruler's Camp

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 913

Lord Fred crouched in the grass on the small rise that bordered the south end of the camp. How dare these mysterious heathens invade the nearby lands. But Fred was going to bring the ruler to justice no matter what.

The rise of land ran left to right three miles to the right and eight miles to the left. The camp was eighteen miles square and mountains rose on the other three sides. High, snow covered mountains. If the army built a wall on this rise, they would be impregnable. Lord Fred could prevent this by laying torch to the thick-tree forest a mile behind him. But his mission was to capture the camp ruler.

  1. Lord Fred spies on the rule from a new position.
  2. Lord Fred attacks a gaurd, steals the armor and sneaks into camp.
  3. Lord Fred lays torch to the forest.
  4. Something else entirely happens.

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7/19/1999 6:42:02 PM

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