Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 89745

Your choice for suicide is a rather odd one: you relocate to Texas and become a liberal politician who is in favor of strict gun control, gay marriage, welcoming immigrants from other nations, and whatever else will give the Republicans and other ass-backwards rednecks fits.

You somehow become a major voice in Texas politics. You still have pockets of rabid supporters in Dallas, Austin and Houston, but almost anywhere else in the state, it becomes a risky proposition for any citizen to publicly pledge his or her support for you.

Finally, a year after your rise to power, you are confronted at a public gathering by a bunch of bigoted cowboys and good ol' boys who feel personally threatened by your campaign promises. And all of them are packing heat ranging from handguns to sawed-off shotguns. The point of no return is reached when the leader of the lynch mob demands to know if you seriously plan on "takin' mah guns away!"

You say yes, and before you can defend yourself, he quickly unloads a bullet straight through your head. Chaos ensues as the police storm the scene, and a big riot breaks out between your supporters and the conservative terrorists who just ended your life. Sadly, you aren't the only one to senselessly lose his or her life today...

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Ben McClellan

12/8/2017 7:47:33 AM

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