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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 895

You can remember it almost like it was yesterday... His Quest. That damned map. Why did it have to be so confusing?

... The King stood before the people and spoke:

"And so we send our most heroic warrier, <insert your name here>, to take Lord Fred's, Sir Toby's, Sir Josh's and Sir Paulito's place and vanquish the most terrible dragon of the Southern Caves. For years the dragon has tormented our people. Burned our fields, taken our children, and been an all around mean dragon.

"Take this map. Use it to locate the entrance to the dragon's lair at the Southern Caves. May God be with you on your quest. And may God have mercy on everyone who have tried to conquer the dragon in the past."


You look at the map again. "This is where it should be, you mutter to yourself..."

You look up from the map viewing the two entrances again. The map didn't say anything about two entrances.

"I can't just sit here forever... I suppose I'll have to choose one..." you say aloud. Which will it be?

  1. The cave entrance to the left.
  2. The cave entrance to the right.

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