Aboard the ship

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88929

Fred awoke to find himself rocking. Looking around, he realized he was in a ship. What was he doing there? Was he stowing away? Was he a passenger? Had he signed up as part of the crew? And where was the horse he'd gotten the previous day?

There came a sharp pain in Fred's behind, and Fred realized what had woken him up: someone was kicking him!

"Didja hear? Th' cap'n wants all passengers on deck. Move it!"

Fred made an effort to get up, mostly to get the kicker to go away, but he still had his armor on, which was quite heavy. Why had he slept with his armor on?

"Move it, passenger!" said the kicker, and left. Fred notice the kicker was wearing a sailor uniform.

"So, I'm a passenger," thought Fred. "That's wierd. I don't remember buying the ticket."

He got up, and headed for the nearest ladder. It led to some things haning from the roof. He headed for the second-nearest ladder, and found himself above the deck.

"Avast! There be our sleepin' beauty! Well shiny, it's like I was tellin' them other folks. We is gonna make land soon."

"Uh, it's 'We are going to make land soon'," said Fred, absent-mindedly.

"Well, keelhaulin' caspers! I is the cap'n of this ship and I'll talk however I feels like. Ya got it?"


  1. "Here, grab yer rope, you landlubber, and git t' work!"
  2. Just then, there was a short shaking: the ship had made land.

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