That which vexes her

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88706

"My... personal hell?" asked Astra nervously. Had she really been that bad? Had they been reserving a special punishment for her?

"Why of course! Everyone has their own personal hell!"

"E... everyone?"

"Sure! Do you think everyone can be punished by being burned for eternity? There are many people who actually find it entertaining – massochists, fakirs, and pyromaniacs; for instance."

"I.. I'm not going to burn in hell?"

"Goodness, of course not! We ran out of cauldrons centuries ago! Your punishment is going to be much more subtle."


"Yes. We've been observing your life, and there is only one suitable thing you truly hate: Fred."

"You're really savoring this aren't you? Just tell me what you're going to do to me!"

"All right, all right. You are going to take the place of an Astra from an alternate universe."

Astra paused for a second. "That doesn't seem so bad!"

"Ah, but here's the catch:"

  1. "You are married to him and have seven children"

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