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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8629

"Okay let's cut to the chase," the Agent sighs as he taps a copy of War of the Worlds that the now deceased and cremated Master left on his Control unit. "We're here because we need your help. It was a race to see whether the Maser or you'd make it in here first to get this offer, but....I'm glad it's you."

" the gies we'd put on the Master to make him dance to OUR tune wouldn't work?" Rule 1 says. "Oh, he'd scream and moan about it....but then again....nobody asked him to be an evil, deluded despot with delusions of godhood."

The Doctor just waits for the offer, dreading what is to come (but hating the idea of out and out refusing....because it's hazardous to one's health with beings this powerful).

"We want you to go out and contact these Time Lords named Romana....not directly but by way of a rather young and.....scantily clad woman called Leela," Rule 1 says.

"Wh-h-hat are you doing?" the red haired Betty whispers, at a loss.

"Romana is to be the Doctor's stand in for the galactic crusader/wanderer," Agent 1 says. "The Leelas will cause the Romanas to get the bug that the Doctor has, and stop watching the galaxy go by but actually play a part in it. When she goes out to see you, instead of letting her get into your TARDIS....give her this."

The Agent give the Doctor what looks like two small model of his old TARDIS.

"She'll find that herself within a full size version of that," the Rule put in. "It will work as a real one because it' a real TARDIS.....just shrunk down for ease of transport. She'll be supplied with a packet of information telling about the hot spots in their universe....and some of the dangers she might face if she's not careful."

"Oh, but by all means tell your peers about what you've learned....but frame it in a way that doesn't make you look insane," Rule 1 suggests. "Play your cards right...and they'll not give you your name back or whatever they did to prevent you from revealing your true name......they'll give you back those regenerations that you lost rights to by breaking customs."

The Doctor looks.....stunned.

"Now, the next part we need you to do kind of revolves around our situation," the Agent sighs. "I'm not asking you to pull the plug on Logopolis.....though it's extended the life of your and your brothers universes beyond it's scheduled life....."

The Doctor turns and looks at the Betties.

"I see now what you were talking about when we first picked up your sister," the Doctor sighs.

"If you enter in a signal you'll find that it will generate a signal that will pretty much null and void the need for those radio telescopes use. It will just....stabilize the universe into a somewhat static state....neither decaying nor growing.....kind of what is being done now. However, it will speed up repairs on the Dark Tower.....yes.....the one told of in the Dark Tower trilogy by Stephen King."

"Stacy can tell you about it," Rule 1 says before the Doctor can ask. "She's read the series."

Stacy looks positively sick.

"And when you do'll be kind of....drafted into what is called the Eternal Champion brigade."

"Like that chap called Elric?" the Doctor says slowly....not quiet liking that.

"Only way we can allow you to use this TARDIS to get back to Betty 2's Earth to save it," Rule 1 says sadly. "You just won't believe the strings we had to pull to allow that! Eh, I wish that it would be easier,'s this way or nothing. And it's YOU or nothing."

"Oh, at least you'll be able to go back home every once in a while....even visit the homes of the other Doctors that you'll be meeting next." Agent 1 says in a consolatory voice. "There is a TARDIS in this TARDIS's kitchen....and watershed. They came in trying to figure out just why the stars shifted and all in the skies of their Earths....but they'll tell you when they get here."

"Now," Rule 1 says.

"Do you accept and save your friend's Earth?" asks Agent 1.

"Or do you explain to your brothers why you let your Betties down?" Rule 1 asks softly.

  1. The Doctor says.....

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