Here and there they will go amongst the Heavens....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8571

Agent 4 smiled at his Rule counterpart, and then puts down the small monkey wrench he'd been fiddling with.

"Weeellll, you know that your boss and my boss have been waiting patiently within that Master's TARDIS awaiting for the Doctor to make the scene?" Agent 4 smiled. "While they were somewhat surprised that it was that Walker chick, instead of the Doctor who actually did him in....ifin it hadn't turned out the other way and the Master had better luck. He COULD have figured out he deal, wammied a mage, and removed those wards so he'd be the first one in the TARDIS....and get the prize."

"Yes, about that," the Rule says, curious despite himself. "What WAS that whole deal about? I've been a bit busy with that debacle that that SOB Rayek caused."

"As well as I and my other brothers," Agent 4 smiled at the surprised look on his counterparts face. "Yep, even the Agents of Chaos were called in to take up some of the slack. But be it as it maybe, I got this work order from the Ones......"

The Rule scanned the memo....and whistled softly.

These worlds played follow the leader when that one Master sent a signal to his TARDIS. It then sent out a modulated Chonostatic inversion signal out to the VLA assemblies on the Earth he had targeted. That caused a sympathetic reaction within the OTHER nearby parallel worlds, the reaction hypothesized by a brilliant but....well.... eccentric citizen of Logopolis. The Master who caused this knew that the reaction would stop the destabilization effect in his universe, at the expense of two other universes' Earths. The VLAs of THOSE Earths instead of exploding from the lines of force and whipping out humanity....instead caused space and time to twist and warp. Those Earths (and an area that went out to three times the distance of their Moons) were ripped bodily from their Temporal mooring....and sent hurtling into the realm of infinite possibility....the realm between universes (the realm of the Agents of Chaos, in this case). These Earths' VLAs, still operating after a fashion (though not in the way designed by man or intended by the Masters), acted like what could only be described as a eldritch magnet, and followed the wildly out of control spiraling path of one young, red headed actress who'd been born on an Earth that dwelled within Addventure space/time. That Melissa that had been hit by a Space-Time Ripple and thought totally erased from existence by her Doctor (who subscribed to a school of thought on that matter that several of his other counterparts did not....). That Melissa had instead been teleported to the garage of Agent 4....with her Matrix rather....damaged from the process (over time her size would shift to odd extremes without warning). Agent 4 had frozen her right before she'd grown to a towering 20 meter tall giant. Right now, she was the size of a Terran elf. "I've contacted Rule 4,111 and his counterpart," Agent 4 smiled, picking at his teeth with a switchblade. "The whole things a go. This Earth will go to a system that's something like fifty light years away from Terra Prime. That Earth will go to another star system five hundred light years away."

The worlds in question disappear and replaced barren rocky worlds who hadn't had the....little something to start life. Rule 4 nods, seeing that though nothing like their old solar systems, the Earthlings would find enough to make a decent civlization when...and IF they ever got off their planet.

"These other Doctors and such are going to be wondering, along with the whole of those Earths, just where the bleedin' heck they are," Agent 4 smiled, liking the surprised looks he could see on several human faces.

"Of course....unlike the Doctor on Terra Prime.....those other Doctors won't have a way of getting back to THEIR universe," Rule 4 sighed. "You planned that, didn't you."

"Yep," the Agent said, unrepentant. "Now, as for this Melissa, she has a bit of a problem. I actually have a use for her, but her Matrix.....well....."

Melissa's form fades out into a blur.

"While I was tempted on altering her Matrix to make her a dragoness or a griffin," the smiling Agent says. "But then....that would cause more problems than it be worth. The laugh factor isn't high enough for me....."

"You mean that I and the other Rules may have a few....words with you," Rule 4 said coldly. "Your and my purpose may have been null and void by what those people at Logopolis did....."

"Ah, but don't you have fun just trying to figure out and fowl my jokes, eh?" the Agent smiled. Oh, he'd never do anything to actually HARM anyone in the long run, but could you blame him for trying?

Actually, Rule his cousins 1 thorugh 3, did just that. But trying to correct the Agents ways was a hopeless task. Rules were rules. Agents were Agents, sad as that was.

"Ah, so we just do this," Agent four says. Melissa's ears suddenly grow a bit larger and pointed....and she loses all body hair except for that on her head (don't make me go into details.....). Finally, she becomes a third lighter than what a human person her size would suggest.

  1. "Now, go my little rose blossom and invite the Doctor to his new TARDIS," the Agent whispers tenderly into Melissa's now elfin ears. "Go and invite him....and while you're at it tell a certain dressmaker...."

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