Oops. Fred's a dog.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 853

Fred wakes up and finds that his body is a lot lighter than he last remembered it. Looking down on himself, he sees brown fur... hmm, that's definitely unusual... and a small dog's body. Drat.

Fred realizes the significance of the other little dog he'd seen and thwacks himself with his tail for having been so unsympathetic. Maybe he could have shared information. But now he has a choice to make:

  1. Does he give up his quest?
  2. Does he take a deep breath and decide to kill the dragon anyway, in his new form?
  3. Does he decide to do a little exploring in this new, more maneuverable body and then return home to report?
  4. Or does he go look for that other dog and see if he can exchange knowledge?

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8/2/1999 8:11:08 PM

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