Apparently the Master Has Made an "Oops!"

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8528

Everyone turned to look at the Master, mingled expressions of shock, surprise and expectation on their faces. "Something similar happened, on a much smaller scale, when we were developing the technique," he said, still looking and sounding shaken, himself.

"Technique?" asked the brown-haired Betty.

"He means that abomination he was perpetrating in New Mexico," said the Doctor. "Don't you?"

The Master nodded. "The energies used to destroy the VLA were channeled through my TARDIS," he said. "In the early tests, certain local dimensional instabilities developed, due to a poor calibration in my chronostatic circuit. But that problem was fixed!" He banged a gloved hand on the console in frustration.

"Well, it obviously didn't stay fixed..." began the Doctor, but Stacy broke in. "Wait a minute? What does that mean? Where's Melissa?"

The Master waved a hand dimsissively. "If she survived the transition, she'll have materialized at one of the spatial nodes: either at the control room or in my TARDIS. But that is of no consequence."

Red-haired Betty started to break in with a protest, but the Doctor interrupted. "I'm afraid he's right, at least for the moment. We've got much more serious problems to worry about." He glared at the Master. "If that instability continues to grow, it could destroy not just Earth, but this entire area of space -- and us along with it!"

The Master looked slightly sheepish. "I hate to say it, Doctor, but unfortunately you are right. We must stop the process."

"How do we do that?" asked red-haired Betty.

  1. The Master looked uncomfortable. "I must say, I seem to be rather lacking in ideas at the moment."
  2. "We have to get to the VLA control room," said the Doctor, "or to the Master's TARDIS. But that's going to be difficult if I can't get this TARDIS to dematerialize."
  3. The Master gazed at the Doctor steadily. "You are going to have to trust me, Doctor," he said.
  4. The Master looked uncomfortable. "I must say, I seem to be rather lacking in ideas at the moment." (mirror image)

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