Sir Fred, meet...Sir Fred?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 85

Fred was startled when a handsome warrior entered the cave. The warrior smiled, showing his great white teeth. "Hmm," thought Fred to himself, "this fellow looks familiar."

"Well, of course I look familiar sad the warrior. I am you!"

"Say what?" said Fred.

"I am the Fred of the future! I have come back to aid you on your quest! There are certain things I need to tell you. I must tell you now or..." A tear appeared on Future Fred's eye... "A terrible tragedy will befall the kingdom!"

  1. Sir Fred cleaves Future Fred with his sword.
  2. Sir Fred asks Future Fred to tell him more.
  3. Sir Fred tells Future Fred to find his own damn cave.
  4. Sir Fred demands that Future Fred show him his secret birthmark to prove his identity.

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2/14/1999 8:51:02 AM

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