Someone Interrupts

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8366

Fred wasn't sure what to make of the princess/unicorn's request. If she had in mind what he thought she had in mind, the answer would definitely be no. Fred was an honorable knight, and would never engage in casual sex with someone he wasn't married to, certainly not someone who was currently in the body of an animal, however beautiful her human form was.

"Don't worry," said Valerie, "I don't have that in mind." Fred was a little startled that she knew what he was thinking. "Don't be," said Valerie. "I can read minds. That's one of my powers as a unicorn. We have to be alone. There's something I must tell you. It's about--"

But before Valerie could finish, they were interrupted by...

  1. Velus.
  2. Another animal.
  3. One of the Dragon's soldiers. Uh-oh.
  4. A Story Cop, trying to arrest the author of the previous episode.

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