A Meeting Fraught with Peril

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 83629

Astra had been seventeen at the time. Being a catgirl had been... interesting. The most embarrassing part had been the compulsion to chase small birds. Fortunately she had never actually managed to catch one, as they always flew away before she could get close.

Perhaps if she crept quietly away Josh wouldn't see her. She turned, and with uncharacteristic clumsiness somehow managed to trip over a small stone. Josh hadn't even had to see her for his chaos-creating powers to take effect.

Since she was wearing leather armour [6996], her fall did not make that much noise, but it was quite enough for Josh to hear. By the time she had scrambled to her feet he was facing her only a few feet away. She shivered. This could be bad, very bad.

She tried to put a bold face on things. "Hello, Josh. What are you doing down in these caves? Hunting dragons doesn't seem your style."

But Josh wasn't listening (he rarely listened). Instead he was staring fixedly at her.

  1. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" he asked.
  2. "Boobies!" he said. Astra realised that wearing a close-fitting leather bustier might not have been such a good idea.
  3. "Shiny!" he remarked, pointed at her sword. She had dropped it as she fell, but had picked it up again as she got to her feet.
  4. "Red!" "Yes, I know that my hair is red."
  5. "I remember you. You're Princess Astra. Haven't you put on some weight since I saw you last?" "No! Definitely not!" She knew that Josh's perceptions, however odd, could change reality to match.

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