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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 80013

"Greetings, fair wyrm!" Fred bellowed. The other dragon paused for a moment, then began to speak to him in a calm, unhurried, tone while Sir Toby's echoing footsteps faded away. "So, you're chasing this tramp too? I know this labyrinth inside and out, he's heading deeper in but doesn't know that the second passage on the right there leads to the same place the hallway he just entered does. I'll stay right behind him, and you can go that way and cut off his escape." Fred decided to...

  1. ...continue distracting the dragon with small talk.
  2. ...take the shortcut passage.
  3. ...tell the green dragon to take the shortcut passage while he would chase Sir Toby.
  4. ...take the dragon by surprise while its guard was lowered.

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