The Weight of the Wait

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 79412

No one else shows up for a very, very long time.

Felina, Mike Cain, ODS, and Sir Seeker try to organize a few party games. Sadly, it falls flat--the only one even vaguely interested in playing is Felina, and between apathy and natural ignorance, their game of Charades goes exactly nowhere.

The Japanese guy gets into the guacamole. It's kind of spicy, and in a very few minutes, he hits the bathroom. They The others sit and stare off into space in boredom.

How long do they wait?

  1. A couple of hours.
  2. All night. They decide to hit Dennys for breakfast. Surprisingly, Felina's a vegan.
  3. 635 million years.
  4. Eternity.
  5. Not too long--more guests start trickling in. They all want to bitch about the quality of the snacks and the cheesy decor.
  6. Ten thousand uninvited party crashers come pouring in. That's what you get for posting the party location on Craigslist and Myspace.
  7. Forty identical Josh Burbanks come through the door with a battering ram. They're all naked except for fuzzy chaps and shriner hats.

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7/25/2008 8:52:00 PM

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