How to Get Your Ass Kicked

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 766

After brutally slaying Princess Astra and Velus the talking dog, Lord Fred runs away like a damn coward. He doesn't even try to go after the dragon, who was busy examining the bloody remains of Astra.

Fred knew that it could be weeks before the news of Astra's death and his sudden disappearance spread across the kingdom, and even longer than that for some of the kingdom's more imaginative residents to put two and two together. If anything, Fred had at least two or three months to lay low before fleeing the kingdom forever. That would give him enough time, he hoped, to fake his own death, or dream up another plan.

What next?

  1. Fred lies low, and flees just before the rumors that he killed Astra start.
  2. Feeling more paranoid by the minute, Fred escapes the kingdom. It is generally assumed by the public that the dragon killed him, Astra, and Velus.
  3. Fred goes back home, but doesn't make an effort to skip town. Soon enough, he is wanted for the death of Astra.
  4. Fred stops running, draws his sword, and kills himself.

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