No Walkies

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 75963

"Don't wanna walk," Josh pouts.

"We don't have to," Scott points out. "We have 72 hours. We could crawl and still make it."

"Can't swim."

"Not that kind of crawl."

  1. They patiently ponder their fate for 71 hours and 59 minutes.
  2. They start walking.
  3. They start crawling.
  4. They start swimming. Predictably, Josh drowns.
  5. Josh runs in circles.
  6. Scott flies in dodecahedrons.
  7. Mitchell beklutnks in a tesseract.
  8. Realizing HorseHockey is one Mile from the Sign no matter where it is, they embark on an Elaborate Scheme to get the Sign teleported.
  9. Josh finds a pogo stick (don't ask) and bounces in place. This achieves almost, but not exactly, nothing whatsoever.
  10. The Story Cops rush in and give Josh a wedgie.

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2/28/2009 6:47:03 AM

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