Hades breaks free.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7592

Captain Sterndeck smiles as he guides the small group of Terran natives around his Base. He could have left this duty to a person of lower rank, but when the heads of state of those nations who are friendly with the Military pay you a call, Sterndeck felt that anything less than the CO doing escort service would be a serious breach in etiquette. Frankly, he'd had a belly full of it with that one time with the Janeways.....and did not wish to do similar discourtesies to others.

He briefly smiles a little like the shark he had acted like in his presentation of the facts to the combined bridge crews of both Voyagers. While he had no real animosity towards the other Voyager, it had been a heady feeling leaving the whole of them slightly dizzy from all he and the Military had been able to do.....taking care of business that the Voyager would have taken care of if things had unfolded differently for the tiny ship! (Re: 7311)

Riding roughshod over the Janeways that had intruded into his office without permission...while he'd been mourning the loss of his son had a simple....savage pleasure to it!

But, back to the task at hand!

"And over there is the field we......do exercises in......" Sterndeck begins and trails off as he looks out and sees what looks like the beginning of some type of fight.

Sirens go off and a fast reaction force scrambles out to intercept and contain this situation before it flows over into the Military complex. Sterndeck feels like swearing when he sees the crimson dragoness take flight....along with her blue scaled mate!

Other units scramble to defensive positions as Sterndeck ushers the Queen and King of Aqualaria, the dwarven representative of the newly reformed Nation of Dwarf (he still had trouble swallowing the idea of Walker getting to be an Empress now!), and Frederigo D'Honair (the Manfox), the manfox's two (!) wives, and a few others to shelter.

Usually, he'd be all over anyone who'd take off like that towards a disturbance like this. That was the job of his reaction forces.

But Malachi and Sigin Dronocis WERE the Protectors of their Realm....and were a force to be reckoned with in their own right.....what with their Bond with he Land of Ethiopia!

Hell breaks loose around the area the unexpected visitors have landed on.

For all of ten seconds....

Protests and questions that had been on the lips of each and every adventurer burst forth in a babble of sound. Words run together in a general flood, unstoppable. The flood must run it's course before intelligent speech is possible!

That didn't prevent action, however!

Frederigo D'Honaire, knight of the Great Kingdom and monstrously enraged at this....he final act of villainy by the vile dwarf called Tarin Gazin! The dwarf had lied to Fred, convincing him that his dear Astra was dead. Fred had expected some type of underhandedness from Tarin....but this was beyond all Fred could endure. Astra was alive, for after more than a week, general necrosis should have set in....but it hadn't! This meant that the bold lady that Fred....only now who was ready to admit he'd lost his heart to.....was still somehow alive! Tarin was going to pay for this treachery....and now small band of dwarves was going to stop the enraged Frederigo D'Honaire from sheathing his sword into Tarin's belly!

With an inarticulate scream, Fred pulls forth Nelheth-Mord from it's sword sheath. He still was unsure whether or not HE was it's master....or the reverse. But for this upcoming battle......he didn't care. He wanted the dwarves to pay....and pay DEARLY!

Lem and Dorrek, familiar with what the sword could do.....feel a chill come to their hearts and Fred rushes forward. They also were babbling, so could not cry out warning. All they could do was to attack....and hope to strike down this maddened human!

Three dwarfen heads fly from their shoulders before they can get into Fred's path.

It looked like their day to....after centuries of life.....die.

At the same time

Astra, suddenly finding herself in the noonday sun rather than the comforting darkness of night, howls in shock and anger as she feels her body shudder and return to human form.

Astra, naked and weak, shivers in disgust at the feelings of horror and disgust course through her body. The abrupt shift from wolf to human had left a clear image of what she had lusted to do....and left her shaken!

Andrea, seeing this, tries to lend comfort to the shivering Amazon warrior.

No comforting words are said, for Andrea can't say anything coherent right then and there.

Fred the Oathbreaker sees all that has gone on, and knows that his masters will be less than pleased with the current situation. It mattered not that some fell magic had utterly changed the face of the situation, it only mattered that Fred was failing in his obligations. Fred saw that there was only one recourse left open for him. One course of action that would perhaps let his maters leave him his life and not send him back to the burning pit from which they drew him forth.

Oathbreaker's sigil flares, and Fred charges forward to cleave the heads off of "his" Astra and Andrea....only to be blocked by the combined forces of some type of mirror image of him and a coppery scaled dragon!

Sigin and Fred (husband of Astra and father of seven), will not let this dark perverted image harm those who are unarmed and otherwise helpless. They close and battle is joined!

Admiral Jellico and the Janeway analogs lay into the surrounding crowd with phasors on heavy stun. It had become the custom for Star Fleet Officials to go about armed, for the Dominion War had taught that those left unprepared for sudden, unexpected flare ups of violence from unexpected Changlings (shapeshifters)......was a recipe for disaster. The idea for the day seemed to be "Stun them all and let God sort them out!"

That, because by god they sure didn't know who was the good guy nor the bad guy. They didn't know, so this course of action seemed to be the best bet for survival!

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

This and many other things are happening!

Ten seconds

Then Synizn regains control of his voice, and is able to regain enough composure to freeze all but his friends with a magical impulse from his Crystallic power.

Then All those who had been helped by various versions of Malachi Dronocis (even those locked still by spell), see the Regent land....along with another blue scaled dragon (the coppery scaled Sigin looks stunned to see his Terra Prime analog.....what happened to his scales?!)....all wonder just what the heck is going on here.

The security forces of the Base arrive and begin to sort out the mess (difficult when some of the people involved speak with an accent as thick and heavy as a millstone).

  1. This is the time that 179 finally finishes his paperwork, and arrives on the scene....and uses his powers to start answering a few hundred questions with just a thought!

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