Stacy the Crackpot?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7513

"Really?" said Stacy, rather disappointed. She hoped she hadn't been a credulous crank in her pre-amnesia days. "Yes. You said that as chance would have it - though you weren't sure if it was altogether chance - the VLA was built with its centre precisely where the lines intersected." "So what was the significance of these lines?"

  1. "Well, I could never quite work that out from what you said."
  2. "You thought that if the VLA wasn't shut down, it would interact with them, and cause an explosion that would blow most of New Mexico into outer space."
  3. "You thought that they acted as a navigation beacon for alien spacecraft, but that the VLA would effectively jam the signals."
  4. "You weren't altogether sure. That's why you went back to New York to do some research."

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