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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7486

The current rapidly carried Fred forward, far into the cave. He held his breath (and the chest) hoping that his luck would not run out. Our hero was in Fortune’s favor, however, as he soon came to the end of the current, and found himself shot out like a cannon into a large chamber.

Lord Fred allowed his eyes to adjust to the dim light, and surveyed the situation. To his surprise, sleeping just a few yards in front of him, was a dragon! Presumably, THE Dragon, although Fred couldn’t be sure. He quietly put the chest in the dirt beside him, drew his sword, and contemplated his next move.

  1. Suddenly, a shadowy figure grabs Fred and pulls him into a side passage!
  2. Fred steps forward to slay the dragon.
  3. Fred uses this opportunity to see what’s in the chest.

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Sir Paulito

6/3/2003 7:39:50 AM

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