The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7466

Meanwhile, at a meeting....

Grailing , Friend of Tarin Gazin, looked around at the people gathered at the table. None of them are exactly what one would expect. He included himself in that assessment of the situation.

Try as he may, he can not remember ever seeing such a scene in his entire long lifetime! Not even before those dark days so long ago....

Grailing, a name that he had assumed and all called him for longer than all but him remember, smiles as his mind turns again to the task before him.

He had wondering just why his rather....unusual friend had summoned him. Friends though he and Grailing were, he had warned the dwarf to openly make public this relationship. Not that he feared how his fellow elves would react.

He had ceased to care on the night his nation was shattered. From then on out, he had roamed the land doing what he knew was correct and proper, and didn't give a damn about the opinion of his own race! His actions over the years had won more than his fair share of both praise for being the ideal in what an elf should be and vilified as being the very thing that would ruin all of elfkind.

Rather, he feared that Tarin, already being shunned by his fellow dwarf, would find himself hunted down and killed for having dared befriend Grailing! Grailing knew that not all dwarves would be so vile as to try to kill Tarin for just that....but there were some rather......fanatical members in the dwarven realm that Grailing knew would take offense.

But, after coming back from a long meditative retreat, Grailing had found the world....turned upside down! He had come to learn about the blow that a strange group of humans called the Golems had done the Dragons. How a monstrous battle had been fought, and almost all of Terra had been lost, only to be saved by a strange and exotic blend of races. Not al of the unsettling news was good, but there were two items that made Grailing feel like dancing for joy and making a sacrifice for the Elven deities that he'd abandoned so long ago...out of a sense of betrayal for what had befallen the Elven Race.

One was the fact that after more than ten thousand years, the population of elfdom was back to levels before the Night of Fire (which all but he acredited to the gods....who had been said to have looked down upon the race of Elf.....and found it wanting).....

The other was that not only was his friend now accepted back into his own Clan and Race (Oh so very important to a dwarf, Grailing thought to himself, remembering.) Not only that, but he'd become the King of his Clan for some new metal working technique! Grailing, more concerned with things of the spirit and such.....nonetheless was happy for that since he knew how much dwarves enjoyed things like that (and if it got his friend back in good with his fellow much the better!)

  1. Synizn, demifox mage and friend of Fred 4 and Astra 4, steps forward.......

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