Frederigo D'Honair the Elf

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7376

Torres smiles an understanding smile as the two lovebirds blink in surprise and embarrassment. From what she saw led her to believe that

They were still learning the ins and outs....the demands of their new bodies.

Torres, having been gifted with something of an almost instinctive data base of the new body she'd been reincarnated in, didn't begrudge them the display they just had. It was all very much part and parcel of being an elf.

"Ah....I think I'll....go next," Fred said, flustered and still seeing fireworks from kissing the heavenly lips of lovely Astra.

And so Fred did.

"Like my sweet Astra.....I won't go into my entire life biography....short as it would be," Fred said humbly. "I am the fifth son of Duke D'Honair....second in step to the throne in case something would befall the King and Heir. This means I have the title of Lord, and all the social privileges...and obligations....that come with it. But, being the fifth son means there is little chance of me having anything in the way of inheritance father dies. Thus, I find that unless I wanted to live off the gratuity of my family....I'd need to somehow make a Name for myself. Do something that would secure a future for myself....and any future offspring I hoped to have with whoever I gave my heart to......"

Fred pauses and smiles coyly at Astra, who smiles back.

"So I became a Dragon Slayer for the Great Kingdom. It was an honorable profession, and VERY needed....frankly. High turnover rate and all that." Fred coughed. "I had always been under the impression that the lot of them were fools who failed to plan properly...and thus had basically planned to fail! Dragons are dangerous, cunning creatures...and not easy meat by a long shot! I'd heard rumors of there being good dragons....even met a few in my travels! However, there seemed to be a glut of evil dragons on the grounds.....must have been fashionable for them or something...and so that's were I came in.....well prepared beforehand!

"I spent inordinate amounts of time and effort combing the Archives of the Dragonslayers on the targeted dragons I was quested to slay. At first, it earned me no little condescending nicknames....let me tell you! However, after I came back from my eighth dragon kill......twice the average successful missions completed with the slayer alive.....those names disappeared. I was making a good name for myself...and by the twentieth one....the one with what turned out to be Dragon Vellus, I had gained enough of a favor by the King to be granted a fief of land with peasants. In other words, I was within reach of gaining a secure future. I could actually think about doing something ELSE with my life....and perhaps begin to look for my other half....except I found her in chains and nothing else while hunting for the dragon. Things turned out much differently thatn expected....but....I have Astra...and she has me.....

"So....we all know now what happened after that. After Astra sneezed, I awoke on the banks of the river that I'd soon find her. I had been restored to my normal self, thankfully. I also found the equipment that had been laid in a corner - perhaps the myth of a warriors equipment knowing it's master is true - and as for the rest......"

Fred smiled.

  1. "We're here," he finishes. "Now, I believe it's your turn?"

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