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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 73674

Almost everything in this room is built out of Lego. Even the damn television. At least this Lego staircase room had real food and water to live on.

On top of that, Scott realizes that he's wearing a talking sock. And the sock only speaks in German. This is all enough for him to go mad.

So, as Scott quietly has a nervous breakdown, the sock tries giving him helpful advice:

Versuchen Sie nicht, auf einem der LEGO Steine barfuß Schritt. Es ist ein echter Schmerz.

  1. This advice only makes Scott cry harder.
  2. Somehow, this is the only German phrase that Scott knows.
  3. A Lego Josh Burbank shows up.
  4. Suddenly, Scott and his talking sock run back out the way they came!
  5. Scott stops his fussing and wonders just how the Lego toilet would work...

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Ben McClellan

2/20/2018 8:45:35 AM

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