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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7330

That done, 179 then turns back to the two other folders....and then reviews the case that surrounded their demise. He was well aware of the case history of Tesla, for he had been one of the original Rules that he and his fellow dark mages had dealt with....and after keeping tabs on this dark fellow 179 had been not surprised about the order from the Higher Ups to put him in the...er...Hot Place.

These others were unknowns to 179, but though their existence had been only a thing of the moment....compared to others that came across his Desk.....their record was colorful.

B'Elana Torres was a Dream Prop, a special kind of golem, that had gained sentience and free will....and would have turned on her evil creator if the situation had been more favorable. Near the end, she had been in near death....dissolving due to the ministrations of the fell vampire mage. What to do with her now was going to be something of a challenge, but perhaps inspiration would hit him in the form of her companion.

Seeker, the Military AI, was a person who'd Awakened (i.e. become a true person) approximately six months before. Suffering from angst about which way to go with loyalty, he'd done what he'd felt was the right and proper thing to do.....difficult as it had been for the AI. All in all, admirable. And Seeker's religion had been of a religion who believed in reincarnation (for those cases where the believer didn't do enough in life to deserve either the equivalent to the Christian Hell or Heaven).

It was clear what must be done. Seeker had been living a fairly moral life, but he hadn't been alive long enough to merit anything more than reincarnation...according to his beliefs. So, in the tradition of all Rules to cloud the issue of the Afterlife (so the need of Faith was still needed) as per standard procedures to those who die in the Terran Sector of the Multiverse.

Two fully grown elves groan and open their eyes...and gasp at the reality that they are alive!

They gasp at the changes that have been wrought on them, and stare at each other and themselves.

B'Elana Torres was now a small, beautiful elfin woman of a figure that....if you were a car....made you want to hug the curves. Eyes of the deepest purple were framed by a halo of golden hair that was almost a cape as it trailed it's way down her sensuous back down to around her knees. Full, ruby red lips graced a face that had a natural blush to it.....erasing any need for makeup to make it lovely. Pencil thin eyebrows of gold are raised to her hairline in surprise as delicate, long fingers feel the delicate looking...pointed ears she now has.

This picture of loveliness stood under four feet tall, and was dressed in a tight fitting outfit of green dyed jerkin and leather trousers with thigh high brown boots.....topped off with what Seeker can only call a Robin Hood hat. The dark feather sticking out from the side of it at a jaunty angle completes the picture.

Wow! Seeker thinks to himself, feeling his heart beat faster (for the time being overlooking the fact that he actually now HAS a heart!)

Torres, thanking whatever Powers there were for the release from the agony she had been suffering, pauses in awe at the male before her.

She knows it's Seeker, the AI that had saved her and been in the process of trying to save her yet again from Tesla (though how she knew this was a mystery to her).

Seeker was now a male elf an inch taller than her who was dressed in a looser, male version of the getup she wore that still....complimented his lean but muscular body (muscular in the same way a dancer is). He has golden eyes which are framed by a mane of coppery hair. His face is strong but sharp (as the way most elven faces are).

All in all, whoever had given them these bodies hadn't skimped on good looks!

Also, they had an almost instinctive knowledge of what their bodies could...and couldn't do.

They weren't as strong as they had been by a long shot....but they were head and hands above mere humans in speed and reflexes. They were able to run at top speeds, heavily laden with equipment, for miles without tiring. They needed no sleep...only rest from time to time. Their life span was also limitless. If they died it would be to causes other than old age.

They could life with that. They somehow knew that the Powers that Be had given them a new life.... And neither would be stupid in wasting it thanklessly!

"You....were coming to rescue me," Torres says, feeling her luminous eyes brimming over in heartfelt gratitude. Not being prone to sudden flights of unseemly, weak emotional displays, she nonetheless felt an almost suffocating feeling of gratitude to the artificial life form...and she knew that she would forever be in his debt for what he'd tried to do!

"I couldn't just let you suffer!" Seeker says, surprised that Torres sounded surprised. "But come, let's gather up this pile of equipment that....Whoever.....left for us and see what we can do with our new lease on life. I just somehow know that this is a place called....Terra Prime and I'm hoping that the Military here can help MY Military against Their Enemy."

Torres, who somehow had garnered a glimpse into some of Seeker's darker memories....shuddered.

The Enemy and the Borg had something in common. They were both very destructive to life and property....and should be put down....as far as the former Klingon/Human was concerned!

She might not be the real Torres, and while she was coming around to trusting Seven of Nine, she would be damned if she'd have a good opinion of the race of the Borg in general!

She nods and then gives a surprised Seeker a quick kiss (causing him to see stars for a moment).

Seeker puts that away for later examination, for his senses are telling him that there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with the surrounding woods. They just are beginning to notice a few extra sets of clothing NOT their size (along with more footgear than they need).....basically TWICE as much stuff as they really need when there is a flash behind them.

Two prone elves (one male....one female) groan and open their eyes to look up in confusion.

  1. Seeker does not recognize the male elf....but the female elf looks like the files he's seen of the one called "Astra" from where he had been......before the Enemy killed that Terra!

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