The Never Ending Quest - Episode 73184

Ackbar calls on the power of FLCL! Nice choice. Haruko comes out of nowhere and bludgeons the naked amazons with a bass guitar! Ackbar is reminded of a hentai fanfic he read one time. While you ponder why Ackbar was reading fanfiction, Haruko will finish taking care of the amazons. She then whacks Ackbar on the head with her bass guitar. Ackbar grows a lump on his head, and a giant robot comes out of it. Err... now what?

  1. We reference another anime-Gundam Wing!
  2. We reference Star Wars.
  3. We hold off on the references and focus on the plot.
  4. We start the story over... this is getting a tad chaotic. But that's what you get for summoning FLCL.

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1/5/2008 1:26:20 PM

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