I Espy With My Little Eye...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 73157

You choose to take control of the penguin, who had just recieved a message from Ackbar, telling him to grab the chest and get out of there! This penguin happened to be the famous spy, Florian Wadless. As Florian approached the chest, the mercenaries Frederigo's father had talked about jumped out of nowhere. Florian was surrounded... but he had a plan B.

  1. Florian pulls a weight out of nowhere and attaches it to the chest, causing him and the chest to sink down to an underwater cavern...
  2. Florian calls in an air strike!
  3. Florian fights the mercenaries, one by one!
  4. The penguin is doomed; let's go to Fred's scenario.
  5. The penguin is doomed; let's go to Ackbar's scenario.

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1/6/2008 10:31:58 AM

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