Leaping Lizards!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7288

As Lord Fred dives behind the chair that suddenly appears in front of him, he sneaks a peek in the direction of the thin stream of lava spewing into the room. He sees a giant salamander! Fred looks closer and sees that it is wearing a white coat and some soft- looking leather gloves. A nametag is pinned to its coat. It says "Quirah."

  1. Fred looks around and sees a trapdoor near him and manages to squeeze through it before the salamander can catch him.
  2. Fred stands up and talks to the salamander, which gives him some advice about the place and a new map.
  3. Fred just stays there until the salamander gets closer, then dies horribly as the lava covers him.

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3/22/2000 4:35:32 PM

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